What we offer?

We provide a wide variety of Mouldings & Profile bands that can be fitted to suit your needs, are strong and durable so you can enjoy a fresh-looking house with the accents to suit. We will help you decide on what style of mouldings would suit your home and paint them to match the colour of your rendered or painted house. Architectural Mouldings will help you transform your house from “that house on the street” to “THE house on the street.” Various profiles can be used to cover a transition between 2 points of your exterior or just be a decorative piece to make your home unique.

Since we opened for business, we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management, providing our clients with a wide range of services to cover their needs. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can offer you and receive a free estimate.


Why choose us?

Sydney Applicators stands out in Moulds & Profile Bands for these reasons:

1. Customization Options: Mould and profile bands can be customized to meet specific design preferences. This allows for unique and personalized decorative elements that contribute to the overall character of the structure.

2. Highlighting Architectural Features: These bands are often used to highlight specific architectural features such as windows, doors, or other key elements of a building. They draw attention to these features, adding emphasis and visual interest.

3. Definition of Spaces: Mould and profile bands can be strategically placed to define different spaces within a building or exterior facade. They create visual breaks, delineating areas and contributing to a more organized and harmonious design.

4. Material Variety: Mould and profile bands are available in various materials, including wood, plaster, polyurethane, or composite materials. This diversity allows for the selection of bands that best suit the desired aesthetic and functional requirements.

5. Durability and Weather Resistance: Depending on the chosen material, mould and profile bands can offer durability and weather resistance. This is particularly important for exterior applications, where the bands are exposed to the elements.

6. Ease of Installation: Mould and profile bands are designed for ease of installation. They can be applied to both new constructions and renovations, providing a relatively simple way to enhance the appearance of a space.

7. Free Estimates: Contact us for tailored insights and a complimentary estimate.

Transform your property with our premium Moulds & Profile Bands. Trust Sydney Applicators for expertise, durability, and aesthetic finesse.

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What services does Sydney Applicators offer?

Sydney Applicators specializes in a range of services including Cement Rendering, Acrylic Render, Texture Coatings, Polystyrene Panel Cladding, and various types of Remedial Work. We cater to both metropolitan and country areas, delivering high-quality solutions for property enhancement and maintenance.

How experienced is Sydney Applicators in the industry?

With nearly 15 years of expertise, Sydney Applicators has established itself as a leader in the field of rendering, coating, and building maintenance services. Our extensive experience ensures the delivery of top-tier solutions backed by professionalism and precision.

What sets Sydney Applicators apart from others in the industry?

Sydney Applicators stands out due to our unwavering commitment to consistency, affordability, and superior quality in all our services. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering competitive prices without compromising on the excellence of our workmanship.

Can Sydney Applicators handle both residential and commercial projects?

Absolutely! Our expertise extends to both residential and commercial projects. Whether it’s renovating a home or enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a commercial property, Sydney Applicators is equipped to handle projects of various sizes and scopes.

Do you provide customized solutions to suit specific project requirements?

Yes, we understand that every project is unique. Sydney Applicators prides itself on offering tailored solutions to meet individual client needs. Whether it’s a specific texture coating or a customized approach to remedial work, we strive to cater to our clients’ specific requirements and preferences.


Sydney, NSW