Here, we are at your service introduce you with best usage of polystyrene wall cladding in Sydney where we offer our services while applying:

  • Polystyrene Cladding System which is the best alternative to that of traditional method of concrete blocks and fired bricks.
  • We provide polystyrene wall cladding while putting the building under R value of heat flow resistance in order to put a attribute of thermal resistance of a building material.
  • While using polystyrene wall cladding it will be easy to build insulated wall in an extreme protective manner.
  • Polystyrene board system is well known for lightweight polystyrene cladding system that adds an additional quality of excellent durability, long lasting results and insulation properties to the buildings.
  • Polystyrene wall cladding can be used to block out the effects of outside temperatures reducing thermal stresses on the structure, insulates against summer heat and winter cold from the outside, can choose thickness from 50 mm to 100 mm and achieve a Rating of 1.7-3.4 R, now that’s better than double brick construction







    Sydney, NSW